Exciting new delivery at Ridgeway!

Today Miss Cole has taken delivery of her new laser cutter and 3D printer for DT. These fantastic new pieces of equipment will support children who take Design Technology subjects as their Options for GCSE. Miss Cole has already had a play and has lots of plans for them!

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Scholastic Book Club


Dear Sir/Madam

To further encourage a reading ethos in school we have decided to run a school book club and I am pleased to announce that our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Every few months’ pupil’s will bring home a booklet with some of the book offers that Scholastic are offering. In other months Scholastic are more environmentally friendly (like this month) and are paper free where you can only browse through their website and order online.

The website to remember is:  http://schools.scholastic.co.uk/ridgeway . Please use this to browse the latest books and to order directly online. Pupils will also be able to order through the booklets and bring their money into school with their chosen book orders. They should bring the order and payment to Mrs Smart in an envelope, preferably before 8.30. For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn a fantastic 20p in Scholastic Rewards which will help us buy more books in school.

Please place your order online by October 12th, 2016. Once this deadline has passed the Book Club will send us the books ordered to distribute to pupils in school. Please help us to encourage reading at all stages of development as this will help stimulate our children’s imagination, vocabulary and sense of adventure.

If you have any queries regarding our new book club please contact me on the school’s number above or email js696@ridgeway.academy. Thank you for your support.
J Smart
Teaching assistant

Conceptual Books

Meet the Teacher Evenings

Meet the teacher evenings begin next week on Monday the 19th of September. The dates and times for the meetings are as follows:

Monday 19th Sept – 4-7pm

Thursday 22nd Sept – 4-7pm

Tuesday 27th Sept – 4-7pm

If you wish to attend, please add your preferred date to your child’s planner.

We hope to see you there!

Ridgeway’s Steps to Becoming Secondary

Below is a table highlighting the steps and significant milestones the school is planning for as it converts from a middle school deemed secondary to a fully fledged seconday that still takes Year 5 and 6.

This table is meant as an easy guide to view the plans  the school are making.  The subsequent changes to the school and teaching staff will not impact on the day-to-day expereinces of pupils. This ‘ready reckoner’ does not contain all of the detail of our plans but is aimed at giving people a route through.

The school has submitted a ‘significant change business plan’ to the Regional Schools Commisioner and the Education Funding Agency who analysed closely the schools academic and financial plans.  The RSC and EFA agreed to the schools robust business case.

The school is confident in its staff and resources and is excited and enthusiastic about delivering secondary provision.

Should you have any questions regarding this please feel free to make an appointment with Mr Bennett, Mrs Tait, Mr Clarkson or Mrs Skinner who would be happy to talk with you.

GCSE Table