No Internet connection at Ridgeway

Due to a cabling issue, we have had no internet access at Ridgeway since lunchtime on Friday 15th August.

If you have e-mailed us since that time, your message will not have reached us.

Engineers are hoping to resolve the problem in the next couple of days.

Thanks for you patience.

Summer Holidays are here!



We hope all pupils and staff have a fantastic summer break!  Good luck to all the children that have left us for High School this year and we look forward to seeing everyone else back on September 2nd!

Here’s the end of term newsletter so you know what has been happening this term at Ridgeway.

Enjoy the sun and stay safe this summer.


July Newsletter



School Calendar 2014-2016




ACADEMIC YEAR 2014 – 2015

INSET Days    

Monday 1st September 2014, Monday 6th October 2014, Monday 5th January 2015, Friday 22nd May 2015 and Monday 20th July 2015

Autumn Term 2014

School Open    Tuesday 2nd September – Friday 24th October  

Half Term break    Monday 27th October – Friday 31st October

School Open    Monday 3rd November – Friday 19th December

Christmas Holiday    Monday 22nd December – Friday 2nd January 2015

Spring Term 2015

School Open    Tuesday 6th January – Friday 13th February

Half term break    Monday 16th February – Friday 20th February

School Open    Monday 23rd February – Friday 27th March

Easter Holiday    Monday 30th March – Friday 10th April

Summer Term 2015

School Open    Monday 13th April – Thursday 21st May

Half Term break    Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May

School Open    Monday 1st June – Friday 17th July

Summer Holiday    Tuesday 21st July  - Wednesday 2nd September 2015


ACADEMIC YEAR 2015 – 2016 (INSET Days to be confirmed)

Autumn Term 2015

School Open    Thursday 3rd September – Friday 23rd October

Half Term break    Monday 26th October – Friday 30th October

School Open    Monday 2nd November – Friday 18th December

Christmas Holiday    Monday 21st December – Friday 1st January 2016

Spring Term 2016

School Open    Monday 4th January – Friday 12th February

Half Term break    Monday 15th February – Friday 19th February

School Open    Monday 22nd February – Thursday 24th March

Easter Holiday    Friday 25th March – Friday 8th April

Summer Term 2016

School Open    Monday 11th April – Friday 27th May

Half term break    Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June

School Open    Monday 6th June – Friday 22nd July 2016


Phiz Lab Official Opening

Tim Simmons from the Ogden Trust officially opened the new Phiz Lab this week. He was assisted by 5 Key Stage 2 pupils who helped cut the ribbon. Watch out for photos in the local newspapers!